Magenta Interior is an established interior design company in Singapore that centers on bringing beautiful and aspirational designs to life.

Our Story

Magenta Interior was created to give our clients the best, most sustainable, and yet bespoke design for their new or existing homes, likewise commercial properties.
We are all about transforming your ideas into distinctive designs. Our core team comprises professionals with over ten years of experience in various industries and knowledge that give an advantage to our clients with an unbiased viewpoint.
With its in-house carpentry and direct access to home & lifestyle suppliers, our clients can expect a transparent, professional, and congenial experience with Magenta Interior.
We strive to turn your interiors into a wonderland. Being in the design industry is about creating stunning portfolios and trustworthy clientage, which builds brand equity. Our equity is your satisfaction!

Magenta Interior considers every project supreme by keeping dedication constant and up high. We not only provide designs but we add value to your space and make it a place worth living.

Make you feel better both from a design and budget perspective


Our Team Members

We are an Interior Design Specialist

Our company provides exceptional quality customer service

We firmly believe that every client deserves the best experience throughout their journey with us, even after a successful handover.

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